Saturday, May 21, 2005

2005 NBA Playoffs.

Is Steve Nash great or what!!? He single handly beat his old team last night, the Dallas Mavericks, with close to 40 points and a key three pointer to send the game to overtime. The Suns end up winning, 130-126 to close out the series. Some NBA fans believe that Shaq should have won the 2005 MVP award, but I believe they gave the award to right guy...STEVE NASH!! The Suns were not expected to go anywhere in 2004-05, but here they are in the Western Finals against the Spurs. And it's all because of Nash. This little guy runs this team to perfection. The Miami Heat were expected to go far in the Playoffs, and that's why Shaq didn't get the MVP my opinion. What do you think? Do you still believe Shaq should have won the 2005 MVP award? Post your comments.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

What is your favorite sport that you follow religously? And who is your favorite athlete?

I will be the first to officially post a sports topic. To start off with, what is your favorite sport? And what is your favorite sports team? Do you follow all of the major sports? If so, please tell us your favorites. Also, who is your favorite sport's player and why? Do you despise Barry bonds, Jason Giambi, and others who are involved in the steroids scandal? Do you love Albert Pujols? Let us know and help get this new blog off and running.

Welcome to the Ballers Blog!!

Hi everyone!
I have just created this blog today, May 19, 2005, for all fans of sports and sports topics. This blog will focus on all ballers...such as baseballers, footballers, and basketballers. We will discuss the NBA, NFL, and Major League baseball. This site is linked directly to our sports polls website. So, if you have any sports trivia questions or poll questions...feel free to add them to your post. Thanks, and have fun!